Junk Jet N°6 says: The global is but the local on world tour. On this tour the local is not preserving identity - be that cultural, political, or social, but it is (re-)inventing itself, as art, activism, or enterprise. The local even aims at becoming a global subject, without knowing what forces - be that swarm, viral, or whatever, this depends on. The local is more or less ignorant about the www processes, but it is ready to get itself into anything - be that souvenirs, ruins, folklorisms, vernaculars, clichés, promises, romanticisms, naturalisms, exotisms. Junk Jet N°6 is crazy about things of local time and place, in the form of objects, images, gifs, videos, sounds, architectures, or reflecting texts. Junk Jet comes with works from your localhost, or your local wifi kebab-shop
Edited by Mona Mahall and Asli Serbest