Junk Jet n2 was looking for the Speculative, focussing on works of unpredictable architectures and volatile spaces within real and virtual environments.
The speculative haunts all systems of production, threatens them with the destruction of their order and with collapse. It continues to appear to all orthodoxies as artifice, as a black magic, which is to be unveiled, because it is somehow effective effective in an illusive, but absorbing way, which is characteristic to an occasion for a game and its stakes. It is not a rational process, but something that contradicts this frame, something that is recognized as irrational, as feverish, and that therefore is suspected to be dysfunctional, inhuman, or even monstrous. The speculative is daring, because it is open ended, and it is spectacular, as it is highly medial. It harbours the novel.
Edited by Mona Mahall and Asli Serbest